Hands-on chiropractic care

that does not involve any twisting, popping or cracking of the spine or joints.

Thank you for your interest in Low-Force Chiropractic. I am very excited to be able to offer you a unique chiropractic approach known as Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) Chiropractic available nowhere else in Tennessee: hands-on chiropractic care that does not involve any twisting, popping or cracking of the spine or joints.

About Low Force Chiropractic

For more information on the low-force chiropractic technique, specifically named Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT)® Chiropractic, used by Dr. Prestwich, please click here.
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Dr. Sherri Prestwich

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and a 1995 graduate of Life University in Marietta, GA. I have been in private practice in Tullahoma since my graduation and began practicing DNFT chiropractic in 2002. I look forward to serving you with safe, effective and affordable DNFT chiropractic care today.

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  • "I came to see Dr. Prestwich and I could hardly walk into the office. After I got on the table and she did her work I could feel the pain ease. When she finished I was able to walk out of the office like a human being."
    Laverne T.
  • "Dr. Sherri Prestwich is a true professional possessing exceptional knowledge to assist young/old with acute & chronic pain. Her technique is effective and long lasting. I have consulted with her for neck, scapula [shoulder], sciatica, and back pain with excellent results. Sherri monitors your condition closely and is open-minded to other options and will make referrals appropriately. I have recommended her to several of my friends & family and would offer this invitation to you!"
    Linda A.
  • " I have no clue how Sherri's soft touch can help my aches & pains & sinus trouble, but every time I have an adjustment, I feel much better. The most comforting thought about her treatments is that I do not have to fear the 'popping' of my back."
    Becki J.
  • "When I started getting older, I just wasn't comfortable with the cracking and twisting of my neck and back that I was getting with my last chiropractor's adjustments. Sherri's gentle adjustments give me peace of mind and they really work!"
    Jean L.
  • "After fracturing a vertebra in my back over one year ago, I have been in constant pain. My sister, a patient of [Dr. Prestwich], continued to urge me to make an appointment with [Sherri]. I had already been to an orthopedic doctor, a chiropractor and a physical therapist with no positive results and was skeptical about 'low-force chiropractic' treatment. After researching information on the internet, I decided to call, and I am so thankful I did. After seven visits, I am able to sleep through the night, have returned to the gym, resumed most of my past activities and feel as if I am back in control of my life. I am very grateful to [Dr. Prestwich] and have highly recommended her to everyone I know suffering from back and joint pain."
    Linda W.
  • "I have been treated by several chiropractors over the years. The low force technique used by Dr. Sherri Prestwich has been the most effective, longest lasting and most preferred treatment I have experienced."
    Ronnie S.